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N-HiTec, a Junior-Entreprise ?

Junior-Enterprises are economically and educationally oriented organisations fully managed by students.

« Established within Belgian Universities and Colleges, Junior-Enterprises allow students to put into practice the theoretical education they receive by achieving projects for various kind of customers: entrepreneurs, SME's, corporations, associations, etc. Each Junior-Enterprise is then reflecting the academically developed competencies and the know-how from its school of establishment. » (Definition : JE Belgium)

Two different aspects

1. Management Team

Members of the management team manage the Junior-Entreprise. Around 50 members, divided into 8 different departements, carry out the daily management tasks that make up for the success of N-HiTec . These departements are representative of the conventional hierarchy of a consulting company.
Eight administrators (one in each departement) form, with the president, the board of directors, which take important managing decisions, especially about the JE's strategy. These meetings take place once a week to discuss some important choices to make in the short term, and to report the activities carried out by the different departments.

The Project department is the main department of the Junior-Entreprise. It is formed by project managers. These are trained in managing projects and depend on the administrator and the client. Then, they send objectives and deadlines for each project to working students. They follow the whole project throughout its realization and regularly make reports to the client and to the administrator.

2. The working students
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Areas of expertise


Use of CATIA, AutoCAD
Finite Elements, design, ...
Study automated line, Siemens PLC ...
Study of an hydraulic chain / pneumatic design.


Traditional advertising web design, dynamic websites with database updates, webdesign, scripts (HTML5, Javascript, PHP / MySQL), etc..
Needs analysis, security, reliability study.


Software Engineering (C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Fortran, Pascal, Assembler, ...) - Linux and Windows Platforms
Needs analysis, project studies, feasibility studies.
Design and implementation of computer networks.


Electrical - Industrial Facilities
Sizing a motor park, ...
Project planning, feasibility study


Analog and digital hardware design of all types of cards.
Control, process automation, process control, user interface, ...
Design and development of electronic systems (measuring instruments, audio, video, signal processing, user interfaces)


Foundation calculations.
Calculation and design of structures.
Concrete composition.
Feasibility study of a project.

What we can offer

The areas of expertise of N-HiTec are varied and extend to all the subjects taught in the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The skills listed below are shown as examples.
If you're thinkinf of entrusting a project that is not in this list, we can only advise you to contact us directly here. We will tell you if we are able to achieve it.

Some previous projects


Site vitrine pour le département de physique théorique des matériaux de la Faculté de Sciences de l'Université de Liège

IJC Brussels

IJC - Mobile App
Application mobile réalisée afin d'aider à l'organisation d'un business game.

AEES : Association royale des Elèves des Ecoles Spéciales


Association royale des Elèves des Ecoles Spéciales


Damien Ernst

Professeur à l'université de Liège

Compass to publish

Compass To Publish

Site web réalisé afin de répondre à la problématique de l'authenticité d'une revue scientifique.



Bâtiments, ponts et construction


GIGA : Groupe Interdisciplinaire de Génoprotéomique Appliquée

Plateforme de gestion et base de données

Enquete philo

Enquête empirique sur la déférence sémantique

Plateforme web permettant de réaliser et analyser une étude linguistique à propos de la déférence sémantique.


Association des ingénieurs diplômés de l’Université de Liège


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