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N-HiTec, what is this ?

MESA member, and very close to other FSA student associations, N-HiTec pursues an objective that is slightly different from its peers : it is a Junior Entreprise. Basically, we suggest you to combine business with pleasure, and learn a variety of skills that you do not learn in your classes, although they are very useful and popular. How?'etudiants' Well we offer services regarding engineering and consultancy to our clients, which provides three advantages :

  • The students who manage the Junior Entreprise get practical skills in management
  • Working students are paid for making projects (see below)
  • The clients get their projects efficiently and at a low price

It is well known that there is nothing better than learning on the job, however, we suggest you to learn the basics in a series of training organized during the year and including LaTeX language training (you will quickly know what it is during your studies) , oenology training through training in creative thinking and lots more!
That is the useful part, but where is the fun we tell you? All these activities take place in a pleasant atmosphere, with motivated people, mostly Civil Engineers students. Every year, we organize funny activities, from Laser-Games to Billiards, or N-Cinemas, now a tradition!

« Can I join N-HiTec even if I am in my first year of studies? »

Yes !
The majority of our members are in 1st and 2nd. N-HiTec primarily pursues a goal of training, therefore it is not necessary to have special skills to enter a JE, just motivation, and a smile! We take care of anything else: administrators are there to guide you throughout your arrival and give you advice at department meetings, or at other various meetings during the year.


Contact us and we will answer you in 48 working hours.

Quartier Polytech 1
10, Allée de la découverte
B-4000 Liège
Building B28, Carpark P32

04 366 20 01